VXUHD 1.5m-1.8m


UHD flail mulcher has class leading Rotor, designed from the ground up to be able to cope with the largest of material, 220mm diameter rotor with cast hammers and our double helix rotor, with hydraulically opening inlet 320-400mm, this allows more material to be processed and reduces balling of material.

  • hydraulic offset
  • upto 110mm pruning material
  • material knives
  • 1000rpm/540rpm
  • HD body with reversable mulching anvil.

VXHD 1.2m-2.0m

HD flail is designed from the ground up to mulch heavy scrub, brush cutting and orchard and vine materials. With 300-350mm clearance, balling of material in front of the mower is minimal. Fitted with our oversized helix rotor, keeping the 150mm hammers in contact with the material longer giving a more through mulch.  adjustable roller and skids are there for height adjustment.

  • hydraulic offset headstock
  • as standard, front/rear mount.
  • material knives
  • upto 80mm pruning material
  • reversable pulleys allowing 1000rpm front and 540(600)rpm rear.

VXMD 1.2m-2.4m

Built to be tasked as an all purpose mulcher, this is equally at home mulching reeds as it is cutting paddocks, efficiet rotor ejects finely mulched material evenly allowing it to decompose faster, adjustable headstock available allows this to get into the gaps and between trees easily. low profile allows this to go under low hanging branches



The LC is a perfect match coupled with compact tractors, designed for lower power requirements in mind. using Y blades for efficient cutting and mulching of lighter scrub and grasses. The LC can be front or rear mounted.

VX sda mulcher. 1.2m-2.0m

Our Side discharge flail mulcher is specially designed for the effective mulching of cover crops in orchards and vineyards. planting cover crops in autumn allows nitrogen fixing crops to grow over winter, allowing better travel and increasing organic matter, mulching these in the spring creates green mulch manure which keeps moisture where you want it at the base of the tree helping weed suppression. A flited auger driven by a hydraulic motor ejects the mulch out effectively and clears the ally-way ready for spring working. height adjustment is done via the rear roller and top link. we offer this in front and rear mount only.


Optional extra:
independent oil tank and cooler