VOxx Machinery

A full range of quality products

Voxx machinery was founded in 2017, seeing a gap in the market for uk built machinery offering strength and reliability. Machines are fully manufactured here in the uk. Our aim and passion is to manufacture machines to not only be stronger and durable than others but built to be ergonomically pleasing, minimising areas such as water traps, areas debris can collect and reducing down time when it occurs. as well as this, having common sense approach to positioning of items such as grease points service hatches and chains for hanging PTO shafts. We take pride in manufacturing our machines so you can enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them.
We offer a specialised range of machines catered specifically for fruit and vineyard application. These machines are able to be adapted to differing row widths, addition of items such as wheels, rollers, hydraulics and heavier rotors to suit.